Wooden Texture Looks Good

wooden bedside tables

Wooden bedside table

When it comes to décor of our house people want it to be elegant and simple. Specially people are pickier about their room because they spent their leisure time in their rooms.  Wooden bedside tables are used to store essential item that could be useful during the night like medicine, tablets etc or the regular items like phone, watches, eye glasses, perfume bottle and books etc. wooden feature gives warmth to your room and an aesthetic look.

How to choose wooden bedside tables Wood is just like humans. Which are found in various color, shapes, hardness, and shades. It gives us abundant choice of variety when making bedside tables. In this article you would get to know the factors before buying a wooden bedside table.


There are so many ranges in color like light, medium and dark. Current list that is popular are ash, cherry, maple, oak and walnut and the second type is European walnut and American walnut but you can also go for custom made like beech and pine.

Color shades

Same wood type but different shades of colors. For example, walnut is the most versatile type but it can be very confusing with the color because it comes with different shades. You may have options like light tone to dark tone American walnut is called black walnut.

Keep in mind that wood color changes over time period, too, if the table is frequently expose to sunlight. Color turns into dark and yellowish shade.

Wooden texture

Another aspect which is important is texture of wood. The pattern may depend on a lot of factors: which wood type, which part of tree it comes from, how the wood is cut. From homogenous pattern through lightly striped texture to beautiful grains the choice can be limitless.

The pros of bedside table

People place lamps on the side tables for reading books, and few put alarm clocks to wake up on their desirable time. You can also put items that you use daily. After surfing internet, you will need a place to put away your laptop so side table would be a better choice. People frame pictures and place it on their side table which keeps them close to their heart. Wooden bedside table can also be use as a decoration. If your table is well designed so can it gives your room a cozy environment and relaxing atmosphere.

The cons of bedside table

Wooden bedside tables are mostly heavy and fixed so it gets difficult when we rearrange our room, smaller storage capability

Height of bedside table

Suitable height for bedside table should be 635 mm and the further 80mm should be added on to this height as is height of a standard bed plus the thickness of one standard pillow so the things do not fall off when you stretch your arms. lastly the width of the table should be 500mm side to side.

Best seller for wooden bedside table

Well there are companies that are selling best wooden bedside tables which you should consider, stella training

Lastly choose wooden bedside table that looks beautiful, comfortable and goes with your other room furniture.