The Floorboard Luxury

Either you are building a house or doing the renovation, you always look for the best yet affordable options. Apart from all the basic things floor is the must one. It’s durability and effectiveness matters. When you are exploring a range of options and stuck into the option of the ideal floorboards, let’s dig into this one. Floorboards are good to go and add a supernatural finish to your home. These floors have grooves and tongue for aiding fitting, varnish or stains and paint to give the desired look to your floorboards and match it with your theme colour of the home. The wooden floorboards are hard-wearing, long-lasting, and fantastic looking around the year.

Here, in this article, we are going to explore all the options available at VCS and how their experienced and trained staff help to get us done with floorboard flooring. From all timber flooring alternatives offered by VCS, the strip timber flooring is an option that is of proper thickness and has the accurate surface wear layer. In this flooring option, we have an approach to a wide scope of timber types, all selected for their supreme quality and assured by quality mills from all around Australia. We look into with experts and offer sleek timber products. Link here provide a high quality and affordable of flooring materials that will suit your living space.

Strip Timber

The term might sound anomalous. In point, it has become an all-purpose term for floorboards in a multiplicity of thicknesses. Old-fashioned floorboards were 19 mm thick as they were operational to install over underneath floor joists. With the arrival of the concrete pad as per the typical flooring no more required to be 19 mm thick. Flooring is now synthetic for fixing over concrete in a succession of thicknesses from 12 mm to 19 mm. These different flooring types are known a strip flooring. Persistently, the overall timber thickness is called the ‘wear layer’. First-rate flooring has amid 5- and 6-mm timber in this central surface layer. Using class finishes, succeeding the standard sanding method, timber amount can be produced a surface that is capable of persisting for70 years. In many instances, flooring with this timber amount above groove and the tongue has subsisted longer than 100 years. As a result, it is the accepted predictable in timber flooring.

Floorboards and Overlays

Floorboard falls timber flooring and is 19mm thick. Let not confuse it with overlay-thin floorboards. It’s because they are designed to lay over a primer over concrete. Hence, the concert pad is covered with timber. If the boards are no thinner than 12mm they are worthy to install. Extremely thin like 10mm are crafted to be installed over the plywood.


Timber comes with a diversity of claims and sizes. At VCS our prime focus on 12-19mm planks whereas some dealers take the ranges from 10mm-19mm. it is different because dimensional stability counts. Few sizes are good with one species but not yielding with others.
The VCS is alert of superintendents. Virtually never is a floor timber provided by us has started a dispute. We take care of the stability issues. VCS keeps a check on climate too and always becomes a trustworthy choice.