Most Common Houses That People Have Now

In today’s generation, people take their houses as a trophy for their hard work and perseverance. They would spend a portion of their money just to develop their houses into their dream homes. From the location to the materials being used, people would take their time in planning these necessities because it is important to have a secure and reliable home. And because of this, architects and engineers became in demand and the builders’ associations and industries became active.Yet, in spite of its main function – to serve as shelter – houses were then being renovated to become physically appealing. Although new designs and building methods were discovered in order to cope up with the demands of these people, there are still some few common house designs that are categorized accordingly to their main type. And listed below are some of the collective houses that are still common to most people.


Duplex is basically a house that’s divided into two from real estate agents. Usually built in two or three-story, a common divider or wall was installed in the middle – with individual entrances for each – symmetrically separating the areas into two. This could also be extended to have three or more units where it would be called “three-plex”, “four-plex”, and so on. Looking for a professional real estate agent you can take a look at this and they can help you a perfect place.

Single Detached

A house that stands on its own, single detached type of house is commonly used by most people who have wider-ranged lands. It is separated away from any wall or neighboring houses and has an open land surrounding it. A mansion, cottage, and a bungalow can also be called a single-detached house.

Row House

The most common type of homes in the city, row houses were created and discovered during the start of the modern era. To help deal with the increasing population, architects then decided to create houses with similar areas and appearances to save more space. In addition, these houses were sold at cheaper prices compared to single-detached houses.


The bungalow is best for people who just want some simple and cozy home from Maitland house for sale. Classically a one-story house, this type doesn’t have basements and are usually defined as a cottage or a cabin. Originally, this only requires a small square area and used by the working-class families because it is more affordable.


Ancient Romans used to classify this house as the country homes of their upper class. But right now, it has evolved to be a magnificent and resort-type country home for the elites and other well-off families.