Getting A Garage Sale Go On Full Swing

When spring cleaning rolls by, along with the fact that you discover you’ve got one big happy family of rats accommodating part of the garage, you also realise there’s actually things that’s barely used and you barely want to use and in fact can be put together for a garage sale. But the last time you threw one, they were in the bin or worse back in the garage. Here’s to turning your trash into someone else’s treasure. It sure isn’t going to be easy selling a bunch of old items for a few bucks, if you want some help getting a garage sale go on full swing, get scrolling.

Look Out For Permits.

Before you get all excited and get your garage door repairs Calamvale done, and have your tables arranged only to end up paying expensive fines for not abiding by the local regulations, make you’re allowed to have one first and get your permits. It often depends on where you live, whilst some cities may only allow you to have three garage sales per year other local towns wouldn’t have a care whatsoever. Other places might just require you to abide by a few policies or have a garage sale permit.

Get Organising.

If your garage looks like it just experienced the after effects of a tsunami and is extremely messy with a pile of slimy mould growing in one corner and the newspapers building up with dust in another corner, then trust me you need to clean up and declutter immediately before you throw your sale. Consider getting garage roller doors if your garage doors are screaming for repair and hire garage Organisers to glam it up make a good impression. A garage sale is when you could clean up, DE clutter and keep what you what and sell what you don’t so don’t lose out on the opportunity. 

Plan your Pricing.

You’re probably like, obviously. As much as you’d like to price your items after scanning a few prices on Amazon and EBay, that’s unfortunately not how it works. If you really want to be successful, then you need to make sure you can offer a bit of deals like creating bulk buys for certain items like books DVDs and dish items and allowing bargain for high priced larger items. Most people come for a garage sale for a cash purchase so don’t forget to have a few 1 dollar bills and five dollar bills. Price your items in a way that will reduce the amount of change you’ll need.


Well without a bit of marketing and advertising, you really can’t expect to have a crowd bombarding and gate crashing right? If you’ve got a printer, get the fliers out and about, hand them to your local stores. If you think its old school, use your social media platforms. Tell your neighbours and your friend about it. And lastly it’s going to be hectic on that day so make sure to keep track of your sales, if you can’t do it all by yourself get some help. And by the end of the day, if you’ve still got stuff left, try not to pile them up back in your garage and instead resort to donating them if you can. Remember, you get if you give.